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Cornerstone Methodist Church

Kingsbrook, Corby NN18 9HY


Reverend Noel Nhariswa

Lay Worker:
Community Chaplain – Caroline Barratt

Cornerstone was formed in 2015 from the 'coming together' of 3 churches from the Corby district. This building was chosen because of its position at the heart of our community, its condition and size. Our membership currently stands at 41 with congregations regularly between 30-40 people.

We have gained a handful of members from other denominations too – when their churches closed – all adding to the richness of our fellowship. Throughout the pandemic we managed to keep contact with most members and have welcomed them back to worship in church. We provide a varied service of worship 10.30am every Sunday and all members of our community are very welcome to attend. Coffee and tea are served after the service.

In terms of outreach, Caroline Barratt has worked hard in liaising with Schools and Community Centre. Some of us have visited both the school and the Community Centre and hope to build on the foundations set. Caroline keeps us up to speed with their ongoing work in the Community.

Since the formation of Cornerstone there has been a steady programme of upgrading the facilities. We have started having church lunches – and our fellowship brought friends. The aim was and is to use 'hospitality' as a form of outreach too. We have now made one of the windows in the Schoolroom into a patio door.and this enables us to use a paved area outside, allowing easy access via a side gate for wheelchairs. This area is also enclosed by a fence and is safe for children to play. New sound and AV systems allows us to accommodate many forms of preaching and entertainment, allowing our community to use our facility to a greater extent.

Come and Join us – you will be very welcome!

cornerstone sanctuary
cornerstone hospitality
christmas lunch preparations
cornerston interior
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